Daniela Sicurella,

Daughter of elderly parents, mother of young children,

Wife, sister, niece, employer and friend.  



During this uncertain time, I wanted to personally communicate with our clients and community. As the principal of the firm, my paramount concern is and always has been, the safety of clients and staff alike. Recently, this has resulted in many sleepless nights, worrying about everyone’s welfare.


In response to COVID-19, I have made significant changes in our workplace to keep staff and clients safe. If somebody had told me last year that I would be giving staff in our legal office key survival tools, made up of hand sanitizer, gloves, P2 masks, Glen 20 and Dettol wipes, I would have laughed and responded, “….when pigs fly”. Sadly, on Monday 23 March 2020, I did just that, in an effort to keep everyone safe. In these testing times, we will continue to evolve to deal with the changing landscape.


Listening to the Prime Minister address our nation on Tuesday 24 March 2020, I was inspired. I understood how we were an essential service at this time and why we must continue to serve.


The epiphany did not end there. I also understood that I had a role to play. In that moment, I understood that I had a duty to humanity. Currently, we are all floating around in a sea of uncertainty. Everyone is scared and concerned about the welfare of their family, friends and neighbours. The only thing we can control, is how we react at this time. Great good comes from every bad situation. Just look at some of the wonderful acts of kindness taking place. From great adversity comes strength through which heroes emerge.


On the flip side, I realised that the virus comes bearing gifts, for instance:

  1. The virus has effectively turned off all of the noise in the world that usually distracts humanity and has enabled us all to focus on what is important in life;

  2. The virus has reminded us, that we are all connected and that we are ultimately only as good as the sum of all parts. No one can win this fight alone. We must stick together and help each other through this struggle;

  3. The virus has highlighted for me, that we all have choices. You can be in this for yourself, or you can help humanity;

  4. After the virus is contained, the sun will shine again and we will hopefully make better choices moving forward. To quote Deidre C. King, “When we know better, we do better”.


I urge you all to help those around you in your community. Call your elderly family, friends and neighbours and see if they need anything. Help others, so that together the world will survive. Spread the love and the virus will not defeat us. Remember it is how we react that matters. Control your fear, don’t let it control you. Fear will only isolate those who let it fester.


Finally, a special thanks to all the medical staff who are the backbone of this fight. Thank you for your bravery. Clearly, you are all prepared to boldly go where most of us fear. God bless you.



Yours faithfully



Daniela Sicurella

Principal Solicitor & Notary Public